Featured Artist - Máté Jakó

(Image Copyright Máté Jakó/Entenn Studio)

Long before I started in the Framing business, I've always felt like I've simply followed art. From my earliest introductions to the usual, High School study material like Lichtenstein, Miró, Picasso and the like, right up to my most recent discoveries like Daniel Danger, Jared Wright, Godmachine etc.

But there comes a point where you find yourself in the fortunate position to meet some of these people, and to meet artists you'd never heard of up until that point. It's this constant discovery and introduction that I love about the art world. Irrespective of your chosen form, you'll always have the opportunity to meet some incredibly talented people.

Máté Jakó is no exception.

I first met Máté at the London Tattoo Convention last year. Now I'll admit it right here and now; I'd never heard of him up until this point, but he came to see me at my stall on the Friday, and within a mater of minutes, I could tell this guy was genuinely the real deal.

His passion and excitement for art was evident from the off, and it was infectious.

We only had a brief introduction. had a little geek off about art and framing and that was that.

Over the course of the weekend however, there we're multiple visits, and in a very short space of time, we'd pretty much established ourselves as friends and there's talk of some collaboration at some point in the future which I very much look forward to because, as you will see, his work is absolutely phenomenal. He has a style all his own which he can translate across all subject matters form dark gothic horror, to some sublime ethereal portraiture.

You absolutely must check out his work!

(Images Copyright Máté Jakó/Entenn Studio)

Taken From Máté's Facebook profile...

Máté Jakó was born in South-east Hungary and from a very young age he possessed -according to some - an unfortunate obsession of monsters, fairy tales, and super heroes. He started a long lasting career in theaters and movies before he turned to illustration to create the stories he wanted to tell. Máté currently residing in London works as a freelance illustrator creating movie posters, editorial illustration, fashion prints, and concept art. Besides all this he is exceptionally talented in watching movies, daydreaming and has a vast trivial knowledge of monsters and super heroes!

You can find more of Máté's work at the following links.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entennstudio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entennstudio/

Website: http://www.entenn.com/

All Images Copyright Entenn Studio

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