It's the best month of the year!

We'll, we're a few days into October, and already you can feel the excitement in the air because October means one thing...Halloween.

I don't know what it is about Halloween that’s so cool, and although outwardly I may come across as not that fussed at all, inwardly it's like a kid on a sugar rush tearing around the toy shop while mum has given up all hope, and is slumped in a sweaty heap wishing for a quick end to the nightmare (I've seen this exact scene in real life!).

The decorations that appear in the shops, the awesome little Knick knacks and costumes for kids (and adults) and the general creativeness that is stirred up inside of people at this time of year is infectious.

And it's this creativeness that really gets my juices flowing. Artists and creatives of all kinds really seem to step it up a gear around this time of year, and it's all incredible. In particular the pumpkin carving. You've no doubt seen images on social media and on the internet in general of the downright insane levels of skill some of these folks have with a bunch of knives and a giant orange fruit.

there's also the incredible illustrators out there producing piece after piece after piece, of truly inspiring artwork, be it digitally, screen-printed, block printed, spray painted...I'm in awe constantly.

Collector or fan. Keep up the good work. I certainly makes my job a whole heap of fun.

Whilst we're on the Halloween subject, I have some of these 'Pushing up Daisies' coffin shaped, framed prints still available. The print is the creation of an incredible talent and a friend of mine, Mr Derek Castle. And the frame is, naturally, hand made by myself.

There’s not many left, so don't miss out - Buy them here!

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