About Resolute Framing

Resolute Framing was born by myself, Shane Robinson, a picture framer and art fan who has been collecting Ltd. Edition prints and artworks for a number of years. As my personal collection of art grew, the idea of mixing my work with my interest in art seemed a natural progression. 

So now my idea has become a reality.

I'm currently working as a framer for an established business, but I'm now in the fortunate position of being able to create for Resolute Framing, in my own time.

With my experienced love of the craft, I have developed a style, a reputation for exceptional quality and an alternative take on ‘traditional’ framing.

Resolute Framing is currently a 'hobby' business, with no permanent studio set up. However, it is hoped that a permanent home will be established very soon.

In the meantime, social media and the rest of the internet is how Resolute Framing provides the exceptional quality and service it has become known for. 

Resolute Framing is the only place you need to visit for top quality, custom framing and beautifully completed Ltd Edition prints and art work. 


Resolute Framing's services cover all aspects of custom framing, and virtually all budgets, so there's no reason to settle on an inferior quality, shop bought frame, when you can have a carefully hand crafted frame that's perfect for your item. 

Family photos, canvas stretching, war medals, collectibles, cross stitch, family heirlooms, fine art and originals, are just some of the items Resolute Framing have worked on.


As mentioned, on top of the custom framing service, Resolute Framing also source the finest collection of contemporary art works, movie and concert posters as well as other items deemed suitable for the RESOLUTE magic and carefully work with them to produce an item that anyone would sell their Grandmother for. 

Resolute Framing also specializes in working with small and medium sized businesses, to provide a truly unique way of decorating and filling your workshop/office/bar/ etc. 


When it comes to buying art, I like to make life easy for you. It’s all well and good buying posters or prints and having to wait 6-8 weeks for a cardboard tube to arrive, and then having to mess about finding a frame to fit from Ikea or suchlike, none of which ‘really’ suit, or compliment it! You don't want to 'settle' on a frame, you want your amazing print or poster to make a statement, to look awesome, not just okay.

That’s where Resolute Framing comes in. What you see in the STORE are items we have in stock, all ready to be wrapped up and posted to you within a week.

We also have a range of artwork available without a frame, for those who just like to hoard (like me when I first started)

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